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Wooden Height Charts

Wooden Height Charts

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Our beautiful Height charts add a stylish wooden element to your little one's room. 

All height charts consist of 4 light weight puzzle pieces, making it easy for transportation and moving house. All charts start at a height 50cm and reach a height of 190cm... perfect for the whole family. They can be manufactured at a width of 10cm or 20cm.

Hang by using a hook or nail in the wall and stick puzzle pieces together at the back with stickers supplied to you by us or stick to your wall using double sided tape.

How to order:

  • Choose one of our 3 wood types (A, B or C)
  • Choose design 1 or design 2 listed below.
  • Choose a colour pallet to give us an idea of what colours to paint your product. We only paint the cut outs.
  • Enter the details for your height chart in the additional comments section 
  • We will Whatsapp you to start the design process once payment is received.
  • A black and white electronic design will be sent to you for approval and once approved  no changes can be made to the design and the sale is final. As all our pieces are handpainted, a colour pallet can vary based on availability of stock and colours are used at our discretion to provide a beautiful end product. NO height chart will be exactly the same as the one before it.
  • Production will only begin once  proof of payment for full amount is received. There is a lead time of 10-18 working days.

Design 1:

Engraved Picture or clipart on top of chart

Cut out of childs name or Family name verticallty across the height chart

Birth details of child(Date of birth, time, weight, height), short quote or Bible verse at the bottom of Chart.

Design 2:

Child's name or family name written vertically  across the boards

2 engraved or cut out silhouette cliparts ( One on top of the board and one on the bottom)

If you have any queries or ideas for your height chart please Whatsapp us on 0846028747 before placing your order.

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